09 Weekly Show: It`Friday Showcase with Stefan303

Stefan303, born in 1975 in Halle/Saale, is an Hardtechno- and Techno-Dj with heart and soul and Main Admin from Cuebase-fm! At the beginning of the 80ies EBM and Wave, the roots of Techno, sparked his interest in electronic music. He started his career as an DJ in the 90ies, charactarized by the upcoming Clubculture in Frankfurt. Since 1993 he is firmly established in the Techno scene. Two of his Idols are Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills. Influenced by this sound he is thrilling his fans in all of Germany. Zuckerbrot&Peitsche Festival, Ruhr in Love, Club Schimmerlos, Suite15 are just a few Clubs he played at. Because of his interest in different music genres, he is really clever at mixing and creating varied Sets. His sound never gets boring, so everytime you listen to his sets its something new. Full of energy and driving beats, he is fascinating the crowd since years.


Main Airtime => Friday 22:00 – 24:00 CET