Monthly Show: United Space with James Garcia & guests

HOUSE. TECH. MINIMAL. ACID BOUNCE. TRIP HOP. with a foot in genres I haven’t even heard the hipster name for yet. Been a vinyl dj forever and have incorporated cdj’s, and controllers in the last year. Whatever is available…not a purist. Suburban Ghetto Sound from the Underground…

As a lifelong musician, James Garcia began spinning in 1991 as DJ JAS in the San Francisco house and rave scene. His path to House Music began in Industrial, which led to Techno Dance, to Begian Techno, to Tribal House. Then it was full immersion in House-Deep, Garage, Funky, Soulful, repeteta. In 2005, he moved from California to the Chicagoland area where he began his pilgrimage within the very fabric of what makes House Music…the people within the Chicago House Music scene. And he will continue sharing everything he’s got with the people that brought him this music. James doubles as, and will release music as Suburban Ghetto Sound. Deep House [West Coast, U.K., N.Y. & Chicago], Trip Hop-Disco Dub, Tech/Dub/Break, Garage, Minimal, Acid-Bounce. Sometimes he flows with vocal house, and other times he can’t think of a reason to break that tech structure with a lyric.

MAIN AIRTIME – one Time p. Month –