Weekly Show: Nicolas Vegas present !

Our Maestro/Genius in matter Flashback is Nicolas Vegas.

Monthly Show : Nicolas Vegas Presents

Interested in Music since my youth , it was quite a long time until i take a stand behind the Turntables. It was in a small Disco-Pub in Mallorca, as a Guest Dj down there in the early 90s. The later to become famous “Ibiza Pub”. Then I was hired, turned out to be a Long Time residency, at the “Classic”. During my 11 Years stance on the lovely Spanish Island. I played in various Clubs and Disco-Bars and also in my own small Disco Pub, the “Lemon” (Jeeeez !) or at the “Garage”. Wonderful times.

My Passion started as I was very young, of course, with Disco Music. Easy, because, in my Hometown Frankfurt, the Music Scene was heavenly influenced by the 300.00 US Soldiers based in Frankfurt. If there was something new around in New York, in a matter of Days it reached Frankfurt to and with our “Dorian Gray” we had an equivalent to the “Studio 54” I never ever rejected specific Music Styles, feeling at home on a big palette of Musically Colours. I don’t care if I liked it. I developed my interests from Disco over to Post-Punk, New-Wave, including the World of Early Electronica from Krautrock to Modern Electronic Music based by the Triumvirat of Telex from Belgium, Kraftwerk from Germany and the Yellow Magic Orchestra from Japan.

Don’t forget, it was all in the in the early 80’s, a Decade so rich in Music, Fashion and Taste, we maybe never ever see again. In the middle of 80’s The Electronic Music turned Darker and a bit to depressing for my Taste, so I returned to the Classy Funky Stuff again. It was in Frankfurt/Main then and we danced all Night Long at the Dorian Gray, the Mythical Discotheque at the Frankfurt Airport. It was Danceable Joy, Party Everywhere, Pure Magic and Madness.

After my Decision to stay in Mallorca, in the 90s, I was fully fascinated, discovering the tendencies of (Ware-) House Music since from the beginning, Lucky me ! At least it was a a return to the Classic Tunes of my Youth. Refreshing, Classy Style was Hip again. There is so much I would say here but I guess, its easier to discover it trough my Music Selections.

Im not professionally Dj-ing anymore, but I’m still in Love with Music and I feel honoured to submit a monthly new Radio Session exclusively to Cuebase-FM. In case you missed a Show, I regulary Update my “Hear This” Artist Page so you can re-enjoy it at your convenience.

Tune In and Enjoy


Main Airtime Saturday => 17:00 – 19:00 end CET

Best Regards
Nicolas Vegas