Monthly Liquify Podcast

A man with a rich, music-listening heritage, George Makrakis’ prowess with music in his early years, ultimately led to a deft side-step to turntables, once techno hit the Athenian music scene. A desire to produce the music that flowed from his decks quickly led to the debut of his first imprint “Liquify”, a label that ensures to push the techno music boundaries even further with a unique blend of rhythm and melody. The label itself is a huge advocate of the whole idea of creating a unique world for exploring the techno sounds in depth, and that music is purposefully flexible and constantly evolving. With music playing a fundamental role, Liquify is definitely a music-defining imprint, ready to emerge and spread its generous wings. Liquify Podcast by George Makrakis Liquify Records Podcast series delivers top quality dj mix every month produced by high rated artists from around the world

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